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North South Shootout

A Brief History

Accept No Substitutes    

Charles Kepley, C&C Racing , and
The North South Shootout

Charles Kepley was the epitome of a diehard race fan. His main
devotion was shared between open-wheeled asphalt modified
racing and virtualy any type of dirt car racing.

Along with his long time friend, David Fritts, Charles attended
virtually all of the classic race tracks on the NASCAR Cup circuit, as
well as most of the weekly short tracks on the east coast throughout
the past 40­+ years. If there were wheels and a start/finish line
involved, Charles would find the time and a way to get there...and as
anyone that has been to a race with Charles Kepley will testify to, it
did not matter if it was 10 degrees and after midnight, he was in the
stands until the last race was complete.

C&C Racing

His love of racing inspired him to pursue the racing souvenir
business. Charles founded C&C Racing Souvenirs (later rebranded as
C&C Racing Promotions) in 1987. His original intent was to print and
sell t-shirts for weekly short track  racers to fund weekend trips to
racing events. C&C would eventually grow into a successful retail
and wholesale racing souvenir enterprise, and included C&C
branded 1/64th scale diecast modified race cars.
In the late 90s, Charles began to envision an unsanctioned modified
racing event that was free from the constraints that were imposed by
NASCAR rules, and that enable drivers from different sanctioning
bodies to compete in a single showcase event. The concept was to
pit the northern asphalt modified drivers against southern racers.

As talk of this outlaw racing event generated buzz in the racing
world, it started to come together throughout 2002, during which
time, Charles and his top notch crew of racing advisors were able to
line up major sponsorship. The event was officially announced at
Speedweeks 2003, and the North South Shootout was born.
The first event featured the best of the best of the best open-
wheeled asphalt modified drivers from the north and south. 63 cars
showed up to compete for the inaugural North South Shootout
crown, including many former and defending champions from
various open-wheeled modified series'.

At the end of the day John Blewett III crossed the finish line first, and
the North South Shootout was on its way to becoming the premier
unsanctioned open-wheeled asphalt modified racing event.

Sadly, Charles passed away in 2011.  His legacy lives on with the
annual running of The North South Shootout.

Thanks for visiting this website. We hope you can make it to Concord
November 5th, 6th, and 7th for another exciting edition of The North
South Shootout.

The Shootout

Hoosier Asphalt Oval Tire South, Inc